Light Therapy Instructors

Ginger Bowler earned her undergraduate degree in Health and Physical Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. Dr. Bowler is a board member of the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences. Author of the book Listening and Communicating with Energy and the book Hanna Kroeger, Natural Healer, she is also the executive producer of New Dimensions in Healing Yourself, a two hour film with Hanna Kroeger, N.D., teaching hands on healing. Energy Medicine Ministries hosts online classes covering a variety of topics in the field of Natural and Spiritual Health and Healing including classes for students. For the past 20 years Ginger has travel extensively teaching and hosting seminars in Holistic Health, Natural and Spiritual Healing, understanding the energy phenomenon and Energy Medicine, the field in which she has earned her doctoral degrees. Ginger teaches and writes in an effort to empower the healer in each of us. Dr. Bowler and her company offer CEUs for all classes whether taken onsite or online.
Leo A. Kirkner holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University Of Buffalo. earning a, received a grant for rehabilitation from the State of New York. Was part of the initial experiment in 1968 to provide rehabilitation for the first time in Home care setting in the United States. Leo became director of rehabilitation at Deaconess Hospital Cleveland, Ohio 1972, where he established the first hospital based home care department in the US. After a decade of management at Deaconess including departments of radiology, EEG and EMG, Leo had a private practice until 1997, followed by a regional director role for Life Care Centers of America through 2002. Since 2002, Leo has lectured and consulted on the use of near infrared in the U.S. and as far away as South Korea. Leo has published articles on Infrared in Therapeutic Advance and on Neuropathy in American Chiropractor.
Terri Songbird Phillips is a multi-faceted healer and speaker who for years owned and successfully operated the New Hope Laser and Wellness Center in Ridgeway, Ontario. With over 35 years in the healing profession, Terri brings much experience and knowledge to the many people that she treats. She is able to utilize a number of healing and assessment modalities including N.E.T. (neuro emotional technique), iridology, herbal supplementation, kinesiology (muscle testing), polarity therapy, therapeutic touch, energetic and shamanic bodywork, drumming, hypnotherapy, emotional healing with Canadian Forest Tree Essences, and most recently Terri has focused on light therapy. Some highlights of her career include being the co-host of her own local radio show promoting natural health; involved with natural health and herbs for the past 20 years; Certified Natural Health Professional; taught natural health for the largest herbal company in Canada; Registered Nurse in a clinical setting for 20 years; Certified in Iridology, Kinesiology, Herbology, Hypnosis, and NET; Light therapy; Independent Nurse Consultant for Plaintiff representation in malpractice cases; Smoking cessation with laser acupuncture; administerd IV chelation and worked in functional medicine; certified breast thermographer
Dr. Thomas Burke received his PhD degree from the University of Houston and then, following a 4 year, postdoctoral research fellowship at Duke University Medical School, joined the faculty at the University of Colorado Medical School, Department of Physiology. Later he also became a member of the Department of Medicine. In the late 1990s, he founded Integrated Systems Physiology (ISP), a company that performed contract research for small and large companies in the biologic sciences. His research into the effects of nitric oxide began in the early 1990s and therefore he was well positioned to understand the potential health benefits of devices that increase nitric oxide naturally. He has been a visiting professor at major US Medical Schools and lectured nationally and internationally on the effects of maneuvers that raise nitric oxide. Dr. Burke has also served as Director of Research and Clinical Affairs for a light therapy (LED) company and currently serves as Medical and Science Director for both HealthLight and In Light Wellness Systems, US companies, producing LED-based near infrared devices. The LED devices have FDA clearance (K101894).
Wes Burwell began his studies in energy medicine 7 years ago after a family member developed cancer. After a revelatory dream, he was shown that the best way to serve would be to change his occupation and begin studies in energy medicine. Wes became a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist dealing with stress management, helping numerous clients return to health and healing. Along the spiritual pathway, he accomplished groundwork for certification for a Holistic Health practitioner and a Spiritual Healer Coach and learned from many different fields of energy medicine and their beneficial effects on the human energy system and anatomy.Wes has mastered all types of energy medicine: Quantum Biofeedback, electro-acupuncture, various infra-red therapies, ionic detoxification, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise programs, detoxification protocols based on homotoxicology, Ayurveda, Crystal therapy, Reiki therapy, reflexology, intent work, EFT techniques, Samadhi meditation, sound therapy, light therapy in the form of low-level lasers and LEDs. Wes also served for the last 4 years as a technical support technician for laser and LED retailers and as an active educator and trainer for low-level lasers and LED therapy applications.