Welcome to the Light Therapy Certification Course

Certification Procedures

Step 1: Light Therapy Manual
Read and study the 500 page Light Therapy manual. The online course content for the manual is downloadable and it is divided into twenty-four chapters covering the basics of light therapy. This manual is designed for novice users to gain proficiency and understanding of the science and practice of light therapy. (30 CEU - Continuing Education Units)

Step 2: Online Training Videos
12 online training videos are to be viewed in conjunction with reading the Light Therapy manual. See the manual's Table of Contents for the proper timing of video instruction. (10 CEU)

Step 3: Self-Quizzes
Test your understanding through the Self-Quizzes listed at the end of the course chapters to prepare you for the final exam.

Step 4: Informed Consent & Ethics Statement
Following the Legal and Compliance modules (Chapter 19) and video training, you will need to draft your “personalized” informed consent document and ethics statement and submit as a Word or PDF document to: coaching@thequantumacademies.com. A sample Informed Consent form and Ethics Statement document is included in the Light Therapy manual. (5 CEU)

Step 5: Light Therapy Exam
Demonstrate your knowledge gained from our training program through the online Light Therapy Exam. This examination is required for Certified Light Therapist qualification. This is a timed open-book exam and can be accessed at www.thequantumacademies.com. (Online Exam Fee: $50)

Step 6: Anatomy & Physiology Course / Online Exam
You must take the Anatomy & Physiology course or the equivalent (as documented by transcript or license) as a requirement for Certified Light Therapist status. This is a home study course and the course content for the manual is downloadable. Completion of the course requires that you take and pass the Anatomy & Physiology online exam. The exam is available online at www.thequantumacademies.com. (12 CEU, Online Exam Fee: $50)

Step 7: Supplemental Reading Assignment
You will be assigned a supplemental text to read and directions to perform a written assignment. Submit your homework via email to the following address: homework@thequantumacademies.com. (20 CEU)

Step 8: Certification through BANHS
With the completion of this course (all of the above steps), each student is given the opportunity to become a Certified Light Therapist (CLT), which is accredited through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS).

Step 9: Professional Liability Insurance
The Certified Light Therapy certification will allow you to apply for liability insurance with a registered insurance company through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences at www.banhs.org. You can apply for professional liability insurance by accessing the online application after receiving your certification number through BANHS.