Welcome to The Quantum Academies

The Quantum Academies provides the foremost education and training available and is dedicated to training biofeedback professionals. The Quantum Academies feature an outstanding team and a comprehensive curriculum. Beginners Training and Advanced Training programs are designed to optimize your learning to rapidly develop confidence within yourself!

The Quantum Academies is proud to be educating successful practitioners through our structured training curriculum and certification programs. By following the steps in our training programs, our students are supplied with all the training they need to apply for certification and become recognized as Certified Biofeedback Technicians and Certified Biofeedback Specialists. Certification is conferred by the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences and requires a separate fee.

Previously recorded Quantum Clinics are available online and include Stress and Hormones with Dr. Hep Amadi MD, Stress and Spiritual Harmony with Nigel Taylor, Pain Management with Dr. Norm Shealy MD, Stress and Depression with Dr. Faith Nelson, and the Cranial/Dental/Sacral Complex with Dr. Gerald Smith.

We are now making it easier for you to receive training from the comfort of your own home! Our video instruction for Beginners and Advanced Training is available on demand in INDIGO and SCIO formats, and training materials from our etraining section are available to keep practitioners up to date. We are constantly adding new materials for you to study!