Welcome to The Quantum Academies

The Quantum Academies has been providing quality, structured education for complementary medicine practitioners for many years in dozens of locations in the United States, Canada and throughout the world. During the past eight years our focus has shifted from live classes to distance education, in order to reach our students that could not conveniently attend our week-long classes. With distance learning, our students can combine a quality education at a self-determined schedule without the cost of travel and lodging.

With our distance training program, each student is given control of when and where to commence and complete their classes. Our educational philosophy is built upon designing intuitive and comprehensive training manuals, combined with quality video instruction and guidance for how to incorporate your learning into the role of practitioner.

We provide the most comprehensive and convenient education and training available to students of biofeedback and light therapy. Each of our programs is focused to guiding biofeedback and light therapy professionals. The Quantum Academies features an outstanding team and a comprehensive curriculum.