Anatomy and Physiology Exam

Instructions: To determine which version you will need to take, please refer to your training materials that come with your SCIO or iNDIGO purchase. If you have the book that says Quantum Navigator, you will register for the exam labeled Quantum Navigator. If your book says The Easy Way, you will register for the exam labeled The Easy Way. For our Spanish speaking students, please take the version titled Anatomia y Fisiologia

Fee: $50

Time: You have two hours to complete the open book exam and you can begin when you are ready. After payment, you will receive an email that contains the login and the link to the exam within two hours. When you are ready to take the exam, please login and begin!

Passing Score: 75% or better. Upon successful passing you will then receive a Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to you. If you do receive a 74% or lower, you are allowed one free re-take.

Easy Way Exam Topics: View Here

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To purchase the examination, click the BUY NOW item below. Once you have purchased the exam you will receive an email which includes the exam link. This email will be sent to you via a manual process which may delay the receipt of the exam by one hour or until 9:00 am Pacific time for orders received before business hours.

The Easy Way Version

The Easy Way Study Guide (1MB)

Quantum Navigator Version


Anatomia y Fisiologia